Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Joey!!!

9:50 PM by Nicky Vegas

That's right, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Joey Bishop. February 3rd should be a national holiday. You sir, are the light in our lives and the inspiration behind all that is, was, and ever shall be...The Vegas Brothers!

The last surviving member of The Rat Pack, Joey Bishop was the single most influential driving force behind the creation of the world's GREATEST lounge act, The Vegas Brothers.

Years ago, long before we all decided to combine our genius on stage into one killer act, brother Lance Vegas, was fortunate enough to open for Joey at a casino on Laughlin, Nevada.

We were all so proud of Lance for keeping it together while in the presence of such greatness. We were also proud of Lance because this was the first time he was on stage since "the incident".

Coincidentally, this was the first time all of the brothers were together in the same room for anything other than a court appearance, a kegger, or to bury a dead hooker.

Lance was getting his big break and he wasn't about to let anyone ruin his chance to achieve greatness. When Lance went over his time by about 65 minutes, to the jeers and boos from the crowd, we all knew that he had arrived and we should not be too far behind if we wanted to score any poonanny in show business.

Joey actually came out on stage and the crowd exploded with applause. Lance, assuming the applause was for himself, pushed Joey to the side, knocking him over and breaking his hip. The show had to be cancelled and the angry crowd set the theatre on fire. It was the single greatest show any Vegas Brother had ever seen or appeared in. We were all hooked.

Joey, you are a GOD and we, The Fabulous Vegas Brothers, salute you. Please drop the lawsuit.

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  1. When I was little, I thought his name was Joey Ketchup.

  2. LOL! Touching tribute to your mentor. (Ok, it was more funny tht touching.)


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