Friday, August 05, 2005

Ring of Darkness

11:11 AM by Nicky Vegas

I was at a video store last night, looking for a DVD copy of "Don't Put it in THERE #27", when I came across a new film, "Ring of Darkness". I have to assume this was a straight-to-video kind of horror film.

What caught my eye was the cast list. Right across the top of the cover were the two big stars of the film, 70's & 80's superchest, Adrienne Barbeau and American Idol's (season one) oddly attractive, Ryan Starr.

Now don't get me wrong. I'd happily make both of these fine ladies a Nicky Vegas Martini in order to dance the Hot & Sloppy with them. You rarely get to find films quite like this and I thought I'd share.

What you have here is quite amazing. You have a film designed to attract fans of mature & young hotties in peril, increasing the demographic appeal overall but that's not really the appeal.

You also have a flick where TOP BILLING is Adrienne Barbeau, while attractive & talented, should be on reality television shows now and not starring in any motion pictures. She was never known for her amazing acting talents. She was known for her smokin' bod and the acting was a great way to showcase the bog.

Next to her (not below her, mind you) is Ryan Starr, while attractive & talented, is a gal ONLY known for being ON reality TV shows (and her smokin' bod! I hear she also sings.).

I'd have KILLED to be on this film. In fact, I was up for the part of "Jake" but they wanted someone younger and dumber than ol' Nicky. Anyway, can you IMAGINE the behind-the-scenes drama there. There had to be some conflict between the aging icon and the up & coming whiny singer. The daily cat fights alone between Barbeau & Starr would have been worth watching. Hell, THAT should have been the film. I could guarantee a 30M box office weekend if you've got those two pulling hair and tearing shirts off of each other.

I didn't end up renting the flick. I was, after all, on a mission.

It also bears mentioning that Mink Stole is listed as a cast member, making the film even BETTER somehow!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Drink for You

2:42 PM by Nicky Vegas

I thought I'd share with you one of the many drinks that has generated so many ex-wives for old Nicky. I'm sure I'll have more drinks to share as there are many ex-wives in the Nicky Vegas history. For now, enjoy the Nicky Vegas Martini, a chick drink strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

In a cocktail shaker (with ice of course) add…

1 shot of vodka
½ shot of amaretto
½ shot of peach schnapps
½ shot of maraschino cherry syrup, Grenadine, or maraschino liqueur.

  • Shake well
  • Sugar the rim of a chilled martini glass. The best way is to take a piece of orange or lemon and coat the rim, then dip in sugar.
  • Strain into the glass and add a cherry. Let the liquid settle before serving. It looks much better that way. Presentation is everything!

    Variations include adding a second shot of vodka for more punch or adding less schnapps for…well less schnapps taste! After that, plan on getting some lady lovin' cuz this one works well. Have a few yourself if there are only really UGLY ladies left in the room.
  • Monday, August 01, 2005

    Complete Non Sequitur

    10:42 PM by Nicky Vegas

    I know this has nothin' to do with nothin', but...when was the last time you remember seeing a commercial for pantyhose?