Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sonny Is back!

10:48 AM by Sonny Vegas

Hey Friends,
Welcome to a new year and new adventures for me. I went to Europe, had fun and spread my name around there like water on toast. Europeans have a hard time liking us Americans and that put a bad taste in my mouth, like a monkey poop sandwhich. I travelled to the UK, Germany and The Netherlands. I spent most of my time in Amsterdam smoking candy cigarettes and watching Blue Lagoon over and over. If Mom ever found out, She'd ground me.

The UK was a nice place if youre a frog. It was just like the movies, gloomy and foggy. I said hi to the Queen, but I'm not sure she heard me. Those guards at Buckingham Palace with the gorillas on their heads wont flinch for nothing. The only way I found out, to get them to move is to feed those gorillas on top of their heads bananas. I laughed seeing them trying to get those gorillas to calm down and sit on their heads again.

Big Ben is also a fat guy from Yorkshire and every cop is named Bobby! How cool huh Bobby?

My stay in Germany wasnt that long. It was just a layover to Amsterdam. I actually got to stay in Germany for about 20 minutes and then caught a flight to my final destination. With the time I spent in Germany, I had only time for one thing...poopers. Basically, I went to Germany to shit and I did.

Amsterdam had alot to offer and I would suggest that place to anyone who likes good food and no morals. I think the time I spent there warranted me at least 5 years in purgatory. But It was fun. I even hooked up with some musicians and formed a band called The Droogies.The name is from A Clockwork Orange, and the reference is about how they were their own little gang. I was the lead singer. They said I sang like a Alfalfa....on fire. "I'm the Barber of Seville, Figaro - Figaro"
Here is their website link:http://www.the-droogies.com/bandet.html

It was all fun and it is good to be back.

Hugs and kisses,

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  1. Yeah, but what do they call the Quarter Pounder?

  2. Damn, Sonny. I didn't even know you were gone. The lump on the couch must be a dead guy. I'd have sworn it was you all this time.

    Uh, welcome back I guess. Did you bring me a present?

  3. WOW! There is life around these parts!
    Welcome back! I do hope you sowed enough wild oats to stay put for a while!

    Where's my gift?

  4. I got your "gift" RIGHT HERE!

  5. Don't hold out on me Nicky boy...you been galavantin' around so long ya damned near made me forget what ya look like!

  6. Yeah, Nicky Boy! Where the hell have you been? Sonny has an excuse, he was in another country. What's your excuse? I keep coming here to look, and you are nowhere to be found. :(

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